Indiana Soccer Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Mitigator FC Soccer

How old does a Mitigator FC player need to be?

  • Mini’s – 5-8 years of age
  • U12 – 9-11 years of age
  • U15 – 12-14 years of age
  • JV & Varsity – 14-18 years of age

If you have a player who is interested, contact us with questions.

Is previous soccer experience necessary?

No, we strive to provide a safe, educational and fun environment for first time players. Our experienced coaches are trained to provide sessions for players of all skill levels.

What if we can’t afford the cost to be on the team?

Please contact us about options including multi-player discounts, fundraising, and scholarships.

Please contact us if your family is in need of financial assistance.

Can my child play on a Recreational team or other teams while playing on Mitigator FC?

No, Mitigator FC is a homeschool team for homeschool players and players with no where else to play. 

Are there off-season soccer opportunities?

Yes, Mitigator FC offers a variety of winter and spring activities including; trainings, scrimmages, and other outdoor activities.

Can my child play another sport at the same time?

Yes, but while in season, Mitigator FC training and games are to be prioritized, first.

What is the time commitment?

During pre-season we regularly have practice on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. During the season, we normally have practice on Tuesday and Thursday with games on Saturday.

Practice sessions normally run 2 hours in length.

Mid-week practices run from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Saturday practices run from 10:00am-12:00pm.

When does the season start and finish?

The pre-season normally begins the week after July 4th and ends in late October.

How many games does the team play?

  • Minis – 5-8 years of age: Regular inter-squad scrimmages
  • U12 – 9-11 years of age: 8-12 Games
  • U15 – 12-14 years of age: 10-14 Games
  • JV/Varsity – 14-18 years of age: 14-18 Games

Is Travel involved?

Yes, we have both local and away games. 

Whom Do We Play?

Mitigator FC plays against public schools, private schools, Christian schools, club teams and other homeschool teams.

How do I know if my child is on the JV or Varsity Team?

Coaches monitor player development throughout the pre-season to determine which team players should be on. Some players will be asked to duel roster on both teams. The coaching staff will continue to monitor player development during the season to determine if additional players should be moved up.

Correspondence will go out to parents advising which team their children have qualified for.

Is there a religious component to the Mitigator FC program?

Mitigator FC coaches are Christians. We promote Biblical values and have short devotionals with players and parents at our training.

Mitigator FC does not require players nor parents to be Christian. However, we do require conduct that is in keeping with moral values such as; hard work, honesty, integrity, self-control, kindness, and respect.